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Butcher hog half (deposit)

Butcher hog half (deposit)

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Market sized hogs 180lbs-300lbs with 250lbs being target live weight. A 100lb half X $5 per lb=$500 to the farm and around $125 in butcher fees would be $625 total average. 

Sold by the Hanging weight at the butcher.   The buyer is to put down a deposit when live.  This enters the buyer and the farmer into a contract. The buyer takes ownership of a share of the animal and the farmer will be paid to raise it out for the buyer. Selling you the live animal is what qualifies our transaction as USDA Exempt. All meat sold in the USA is to be USDA inspected. I'm selling the animal, get it?  The animal is slaughtered and hauled to a butcher shop to be weighted and for custom cut and wrapping services. This meat is intended for the buyer's house hold only and is clearly labeled not for sale. 

Sunrise Meats in Port Angeles is our current preferred butcher shop.  Due to proximity and ease of scheduling. 

There are "self or we" butchering options for those interested in the experience. Just ask.

The buyer is responsible for the deposit of $100. This reserves your half pig and we will contact you when a slaughter date is scheduled.  The remaining cost of the animal at $5 per lb hanging after weight is ascertained, will be billed on harvest day

The butchering fees are separate and owed to the butcher shop. Typically $1-$1.50 per lb depending on services rendered.

No Shipping. Pick up At Sunrise Meats Port Angeles Wa. 

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